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Interchain Tokens have received a major update as of November 2023 deployed with many new features! Read on to learn about all of the new capabilities and check out the Interchain Portal.

Interchain Tokens and the Interchain Token Service

Web3 has gone cross-chain, with assets bridging between blockchains and developers deploying applications everywhere. But bridged tokens lose their fungibility and their custom features, and it's costly to mint tokens on multiple chains.

Interchain Tokens go beyond legacy bridges. The Interchain Token Service (ITS) allows ERC-20 tokens to be available on multiple blockchains. It preserves native token qualities while allowing you to easily manage token features and token supply. Interchain Tokens run on open-source code via smart contracts on a public blockchain secured by a dynamic validator set. With ITS, you can have multiple blockchains with canonical versions of your token that all share a single EVM address.

You can either create new Interchain Tokens from scratch or update tokens that already exist on a supported blockchain.
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