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Axelar for Developers

Axelar enables secure token transfers and communication across different blockchains, regardless of consensus mechanisms or message payloads. It’s based on the same proof-of-stake security model as many of the chains it connects. Interchain apps built on Axelar are truly permissionless: their transactions cannot be censored by any oracle, relayer, or validator.

To make an interchain transaction with Axelar:

  1. Call the contract method on the source chain:
  2. Pay gas to the AxelarGasService contract on the source chain.

You can then use Axelarscan, Axelar’s dedicated blockchain explorer, to execute, recover, or check the status of your transaction.

Get started

Create new cross-chain tokens

Send tokens across chains

Pass messages between chains

Manage cross-chain gas payments

Check interchain transactions

Tools and resources

  • axelar-examples – Cross-chain sample apps using Axelar that can be executed locally or deployed to testnets
  • foundry-axelar-gmp-example – A sample app that integrates with Axelar GMP using the Foundry framework
  • AxelarJS SDK – an npm library with a collection of APIs and query tools
  • axelar-local-dev – A local cross-chain development environment where you can deploy an app to simulated EVM chains. These chains are preloaded with the AxelarGateway, AxelarGasReceiver, and routed ERC-20 (axlUSDC) token contracts. Deployed apps can be tested against the RPC endpoints and contract addresses of your local development environment.
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