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Error message & debugging

Execution error messages

Below are some possible errors that could be found in the execution step. execute-errors-example.png


The displayed error is extracted from the data returned by the Ethers.js library, from the data fields error.error.code and error.error.reason. The displayed error code can be clicked to link to the description of each error code in Ethers.js's official document.

There are two reasons that executions fail:

1. Insufficient prepaid gas to execute the transaction

There are two options to solve this problem.

  1. Manually execute the payload at the destination chain via Axelarscan UI or AxelarJS SDK.
  2. Pay a new gas amount to the Gas Receiver contract on the source chain via Axelarscan UI or AxelarJS SDK.

2. Error in the destination contract logic

What to do next: We suggest debugging your contract and then making a new call. You can try to follow the Debugging your smart contract guide.