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5-min starter examples

Example cross-chain dApps using GMP

The axelar-local-gmp-examples repo has an array of "kick-starter" examples to show the ease of integrating Axelar's GMP protocol into any dApp to bring it cross-chain. The examples range in use cases and complexity but ultimately leverage the two fundamental building blocks for GMP:

  • callContract
  • callContractWithToken

Each example is self-contained and generally follows the same steps for deployment and testing:

  1. (One-time setup): Install project dependencies and build contracts: One-time setup instructions.
  2. (One-time setup): From a separate terminal window, deploy and run the local network emulator:
    • node scripts/createLocal.
  3. Then, deploy and test each example, first locally and then in testnet. A subset of representative examples below.

"Hello World!"

Say hello to your first dApp on Axelar. The dApp sends a message -- "Hello World" -- from a source to a destination chain using the callContract function.

Source code | Deploy instructions


Send axlUSDC from a source chain to a list of recipients on a destination chain using the callContractWithToken function. Each recipient will receive an equal portion of the total tokens sent.

Source code | Deploy instructions

Mint tokens and send cross-chain

Mints some amount of ERC-20 tokens at a source chain and sends it using the callContract function to a destination chain. Tokens are burned on the source-chain contract and minted on the destination-chain contract.

Source code | Deploy instructions

NFT linker

Send an NFT on a source chain to a recipient on a destination chain using the callContract function. If the source chain is where the NFT was originally created, the NFT gets locked in the contract and minted on the destination chain; in the reverse direction, the NFT is burned and transferred to its final recipient on the destination (/original home) chain.

Source code | Deploy instructions

Nonced execution

This is a useful way of implementing ordered execution with nonces for messages that are sent cross-chain. Examples for usage with the callContract and the callContractWithToken functions are provided.

Source code | Deploy instructions

Two-way example: send back

A two-way example using callContract in both directions where a message is sent from a source chain to a destination chain, and an "executed" acknowledgement is sent back to the source chain.

Source code | Deploy instructions