An Axelar network validator participates in block creation, multi-party cryptography protocols, and voting.

Convert your existing Axelar node into a validator by staking AXL tokens and attaching external EVM-compatible blockchains.


  • Hardware: Minimum: 16 cores, 16GB RAM, 1.5 TB drive. Recommended: 32 cores, 32 GB RAM, 2 TB+ drive.
  • You have downloaded the Axelar blockchain and are comfortable with Basic node management.


  • Your Axelar node has an account named validator that you control. Let {VALIDATOR_ADDR} denote the address of your validator account.
  • Backup your validator secret mnemonic and your Tendermint consensus secret key as per Quick sync.

Steps to become a validator

  1. Configure companion processes
  2. Create and backup accounts
  3. Launch companion processes
  4. Register broadcaster proxy
  5. Stake AXL tokens on the Axelar network
  6. Health check
  7. Set up external chains
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