Quick sync

Start your Axelar node using a snapshot.


Tip: Looking for instructions using the old script node.sh? See here.


Tip: These instructions synchronize your Axelar node quickly by downloading a recent snapshot of the blockchain. If instead you prefer to synchronize your Axelar node using the Axelar peer-to-peer network then see Genesis sync


Download the latest Axelar blockchain snapshot

Download the latest Axelar blockchain snapshot for your chosen network (testnet or mainnet) from a provider:

The following instructions assume you downloaded the pruned snapshot from quicksync.io.

Let SNAPSHOT_FILE denote the file name of the snapshot you downloaded. Example file names:

  • Mainnet: axelar-dojo-1-pruned.xyz.tar.lz4
  • Testnet: axelartestnet-lisbon-3-pruned.xyz.tar.lz4

Install lz4: MacOS | Ubuntu

Decompress the downloaded snapshot into your ${AXELARD_HOME}/data directory.

# Ensure AXELARD_HOME env var is set or substitute it below

# Remove any existing data if it exists
rm -r ${AXELARD_HOME}/data

lz4 -dc --no-sparse [SNAPSHOT_FILE] | tar xfC - ${AXELARD_HOME}

# Verify that snapshot data was uncompressed

Start your node

$AXELARD_HOME/bin/axelard start [moniker] --home $AXELARD_HOME >> $AXELARD_HOME/logs/axelard.log 2>&1 &

Your Axelar node will launch and begin downloading the rest of the blockchain after the snapshot.

View your logs in real time

tail -f $AXELARD_HOME/logs/axelard.log

You should see the height (representing the downloaded blockchain) increasing in the logs.

... executed block height=690578 ...
... executed block height=690579 ...
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