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JavaScript SDK
Axelar Query API

Axelar query API

This module is a nice-to-have of common queries made into the Axelar network and its services that are abstracted into easy-to-use JavaScript one-liners.

Install the AxelarJS SDK module (AxelarQueryAPI)

Install the AxelarJS SDK:

npm i @axelar-network/axelarjs-sdk

Instantiate the AxelarQueryAPI module:

const sdk = new AxelarQueryAPI({
  environment: "testnet",

Possible queries


This is a useful query for GMP transactions, when invoking callContract or callContractWithToken to get an estimate of the appropriate gas payment to be made to the gas receiver on the source chain.


  • You must ensure the correct gasLimit is used for your gas estimation. The (optional) gasLimit parameter can be used here to override the default 700K gas limit that is used.
  • The minGasPrice and gasMultipler parameters can be adjusted to enhance execution certainty of cross-chain transactions.
  • The response to the method gives a single value (in wei) of the total estimated gas required for the cross-chain call. In the GMPParams parameter, there is an option to show a full breakdown of fees instead by specifying true for showDetailedFees. If you do this, you will have to add the individual components of the fees yourself, e.g. (baseFee + executionFeeWithMultiplier) for regular way GMP calls, or (baseFee + executionFeeWithMultiplier + expressFee) for GMP Express calls
  interface GMPParams {
    showDetailedFees: boolean;
    transferAmount: number; // In terms of symbol, not unit denom, e.g. use 1 for 1 axlUSDC, not 1000000
    destinationContractAddress: string;
    sourceContractAddress: string;
    tokenSymbol: string;
  export interface AxelarQueryAPIFeeResponse {
    expressFee: string;
    baseFee: string;
    executionFee: string;
    executionFeeWithMultiplier: string;
    gasMultiplier: number;
    gasLimit: number;
    srcGasPrice: string;
    minGasPrice: string;
    apiResponse: any;
    isExpressSupported: boolean;
   * Calculate estimated gas amount to pay for the gas receiver contract.
   * @param sourceChainId
   * @param destinationChainId
   * @param sourceChainTokenSymbol
   * @param gasLimit (Optional) An estimated gas amount required to execute `executeWithToken` function. The default value is 700000 which should be sufficient for most transactions.
   * @param gasMultiplier (Optional) A multiplier used to create a buffer above the calculated gas fee, to account for potential slippage throughout tx execution, e.g. 1.1 = 10% buffer. supports up to 3 decimal places
   * @param minGasPrice (Optional) A minimum value, in wei, for the gas price on the destination chain that is used to override the estimated gas price if it falls below this specified value.
   * @param gmpParams (Optional) Additional parameters for GMP transactions, including the ability to see a detailed view of the fee response
   * @returns
  public async estimateGasFee(
    sourceChainId: EvmChain | string,
    destinationChainId: EvmChain | string,
    sourceChainTokenSymbol: GasToken | string,
    gasLimit: number = DEFAULT_ESTIMATED_GAS,
    gasMultiplier = 1.1,
    minGasPrice = "0",
    gmpParams?: GMPParams
  ): Promise<string | AxelarQueryAPIFeeResponse> 


Given a source chain, destination chain and amount of an asset, this query retrieves the base fee that the network would assess for that transaction.

 * Gets the transfer fee for a given transaction
 * @param sourceChainName
 * @param destinationChainName
 * @param assetDenom
 * @param amountInDenom
 * @returns
public async getTransferFee(
  sourceChainName: string,
  destinationChainName: string,
  assetDenom: string,
  amountInDenom: number
): Promise<TransferFeeResponse>