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AxelarJS SDK
Axelar Query API

Axelar Query API

This module is a nice-to-have of common queries made into the Axelar network and its services that are abstracted into easy-to-use Javascript one-liners.

Install the AxelarJS SDK module (AxelarQueryAPI)

Install the AxelarJS SDK:

npm i @axelar-network/axelarjs-sdk@alpha

Instantiate the AxelarQueryAPI module:

const sdk = new AxelarQueryAPI({
  environment: "testnet",

Possible queries


Useful query for GMP transactions, when invoking callContract or callContractWithToken to get an estimate of the appropriate gas payment to be made to the gas receiver on the source chain.

// (Optional) An estimated gas amount required to execute `executeWithToken` function. The default value is 700000 which sufficients for most transaction.
const estimateGasUsed = 400000;

// Returns avax amount to pay gas
const gasFee = await sdk.estimateGasFee(


Given a source chain, destination chain, and amount of an asset, retrieves the base fee that the network would assess for that transaction

 * Gets the transfer fee for a given transaction
 * @param sourceChainName
 * @param destinationChainName
 * @param assetDenom
 * @param amountInDenom
 * @returns
public async getTransferFee(
  sourceChainName: string,
  destinationChainName: string,
  assetDenom: string,
  amountInDenom: number
): Promise<TransferFeeResponse>


Given a chain and asset, retrieves the base fee that the network would assess

 * Gets the fee for a chain and asset
 * @param chainName
 * @param assetDenom
 * @returns
public async getFeeForChainAndAsset(
  chainName: string,
  assetDenom: string
): Promise<FeeInfoResponse>


Get the denom for an asset given its symbol on a chain

 * @param symbol
 * @param chainName
 * @returns
public getDenomFromSymbol(symbol: string, chainName: string)


Get the symbol for an asset on a given chain given its denom

 * @param denom
 * @param chainName
 * @returns
public getSymbolFromDenom(denom: string, chainName: string)