Unjail your validator

“Jail” is a Tendermint/Cosmos concept --- it is not specific to Axelar. If your validator misses 50 or more of the last 100 blocks then your tendermint status becomes jailed. You can see your ‘jailed’ status via the Cosmos command axelard q staking validators.

Axelar-core currently uses the word “jail” to describe a different Axelar-specific status in the context of eligibility to participate in keygen/sign protocols. This terminology can be confusing and we intend to change it in future versions of axelar-core. To see whether your validator’s has this Axelar-specific jail status use axelard q snapshot validators.

The minimum duration for jail status is 10 minutes. After this period you can restore your validator to healthy status by posting a transaction to the Axelar blockchain as follows.


In the axelar-core container:

axelard tx slashing unjail --from validator


~/.axelar_testnet/bin/axelard tx slashing unjail --from validator --home ~/.axelar_testnet/.core --chain-id axelar-testnet-lisbon-3
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