Start-up issues

If the process was missing, check if tofnd is running. Install the nmap command if you do not have it, and check the tofnd port

nmap -p 50051 localhost

Look for the STATE of the port, which should be open or closed. If the port is closed, restart your node and ensure tofnd is running. If the port is open, then there is a connection issue between vald and tofnd.

To fix the connectivity issue, find the tofnd container address manually and provide it to vald. Find the tofnd address.

docker inspect tofnd

Near the bottom of the JSON output, look for Networks, then bridge, IPAddress, and copy the address listed. Next, ping the IP Address from inside Axelar Core to see if it works. Install the ping command if it does not exist already.

docker exec axelar-core ping {your tofnd IP Address}


docker exec axelar-core ping

You should see entries starting to appear one by one if the connection succeeded. Stop the ping with Control + C. Save this IP address.

Next, query your validator address with

docker exec axelar-core axelard keys show validator --bech val -a

Note: Verify that the returned validator address starts with axelarvaloper

Now, start vald, providing the IP address and validator address:

docker exec axelar-core axelard vald-start --tofnd-host {your tofnd IP Address} --validator-addr {your validator address} --node {your axelar-core IP address}


docker exec axelar-core axelard vald-start --tofnd-host --validator-addr axelarvaloper1y4vplrpdaqplje8q4p4j32t3cqqmea9830umwl

Your vald should be connected properly. Confirm this by running the following and looking for an vald-start entry.

docker exec axelar-core ps
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