Leave the network as a validator

  1. Deactivate your broadcaster account.
axelard tx snapshot deactivate-proxy --from validator -y -b block
  1. Wait until the next key rotation for the changes to take place. In this release, we’re triggering key rotation about once a day. So come back in 24 hours, and continue to the next step. If you still get an error after 24 hours, reach out to a team member.

  2. Release your staked coins.

axelard tx staking unbond [axelarvaloper address] [amount]uaxl --from validator -y -b block


axelard tx staking unbond "$(axelard keys show validator --bech val -a)" 100000000uaxl --from validator -y -b block

amount refers to how many coins you wish to remove from the stake. You can change the amount.

To preserve network stability, the staked coins are held for roughly 1 day starting from the unbond request before being unlocked and returned to the validator account.

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