Health check

Check the status of your validator.

  • tofnd check: tofnd companion process is alive and accessible from vald.
  • broadcaster check: Your broadcaster address is registered and has balance at least 5 AXL.
  • operator check: Your valoper address is indeed an Axelar validator in good status. (Possible bad status includes: not in active set, missed too many blocks, jail status, etc.)

This step is not mandatory but it is good practice to help you detect and diagnose problems with your validator.

$AXELARD_HOME/bin/axelard health-check --tofnd-host localhost --operator-addr {VALOPER_ADDR}

You should see output like:

tofnd check: passed
broadcaster check: passed
operator check: passed

Tip: If you do axelard health-check within 50 blocks after first becoming a validator then your validator will not yet post a heartbeat transaction.

In this case, your heath check might return stale_tss_heartbeat. Wait 50 blocks for your validator to automatically post a heartbeat transaction and then try health-check again.

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