Launch companion processes

Launch validator companion processes tofnd and vald.

Launch tofnd

You may wish to redirect log output to a file. Enter the tofnd password on stdin after the process is launched.

$AXELARD_HOME/bin/tofnd -m existing -d $AXELARD_HOME/tofnd >> $AXELARD_HOME/logs/tofnd.log 2>&1

View your logs in real time:

tail -f $AXELARD_HOME/logs/tofnd.log

Launch vald

Learn the valoper address associated with your validator account:

$AXELARD_HOME/bin/axelard keys show validator --bech val -a --home $AXELARD_HOME

Let {VALOPER_ADDR} denote this address.

Launch vald. Here are two ways to do it:

  1. Basic.
$AXELARD_HOME/bin/axelard vald-start --validator-addr {VALOPER_ADDR} --chain-id $AXELARD_CHAIN_ID --log_level debug --home $AXELARD_HOME
  1. Redirect logs to file. The password prompt may not be visible because stdout is redirected to the log file. In this case you may wish to pipe in your keyring password. See Keyring backend for more info.
echo $KEYRING_PASSWORD | $AXELARD_HOME/bin/axelard vald-start --validator-addr {VALOPER_ADDR} --chain-id $AXELARD_CHAIN_ID --log_level debug --home $AXELARD_HOME >> ${AXELARD_HOME}/logs/vald.log 2>&1

View your logs in real time (if you selected option 2 above):

tail -f ${AXELARD_HOME}/logs/vald.log
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