Register broadcaster proxy

Axelar validators exchange messages with one another via the Axelar blockchain. Each validator sends these messages from a separate broadcaster account.


Caution: A validator can only register one broadcaster address throughout its lifetime. This broadcaster address cannot be changed after it has been registered. If you need to register a different proxy address then you must also create an entirely new validator.

Learn your broadcaster account address

$AXELARD_HOME/bin/axelard keys show broadcaster -a --home $AXELARD_HOME

Let {BROADCASTER_ADDR} denote your broadcaster address

Fund your validator and broadcaster accounts

Testnets: Go to the Axelar testnet faucet and send some free AXL testnet tokens to both {BROADCASTER_ADDR} and {VALIDATOR_ADDR}:

Register your broadcaster account

$AXELARD_HOME/bin/axelard tx snapshot register-proxy {BROADCASTER_ADDR} --from validator --chain-id $AXELARD_CHAIN_ID --home $AXELARD_HOME --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.4

Optional: check your broadcaster registration

$AXELARD_HOME/bin/axelard q snapshot proxy {VALOPER_ADDR}
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