Create and backup accounts

Create and backup your validator mnemonics and secret keys.

You must store backup copies of the following data in a safe place:

  1. Tendermint validator secret key
  2. validator account secret mnemonic
  3. broadcaster account secret mnemonic
  4. tofnd secret mnemonic

Backup your Tendermint validator secret key

As described in Basic node management BACKUP the file ${AXELARD_HOME}/config/priv_validator_key.json.

Create and backup accounts

Each validator needs two accounts, which we call validator and broadcaster. Create those accounts and back them up.

axelard keys add validator --home $AXELARD_HOME
axelard keys add broadcaster --home $AXELARD_HOME

As described in Basic node management, BACKUP the secret mnemonics for these accounts that are printed to stdout when you crate them.

Create and backup tofnd mnemonic

Similar to your Axelar keyring, your tofnd storage is encrypted with a password you choose. Your password must have at least 8 characters.

Set tofnd password and create tofnd mnemonic:

tofnd -m create -d ${AXELARD_HOME}/tofnd

BACKUP and DELETE ${AXELARD_HOME}/tofnd/export.

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