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Set up your Polygon Mainnet or Testnet (Mumbai) node.


Install required dependencies

In order to build the polygon node, you first need to install all of the required dependencies.

1. Update and install build-essential

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y upgrade
sudo apt-get install -y build-essential

2. Install golang

Install the latest version of golang (opens in a new tab).

Install the Polygon node

Polygon node consists of 2 layers, Heimdall and Bor. Heimdall is a fork of tendermint and runs in parallel to the Ethereum network, monitoring contracts, and Bor is a fork of go-Ethereum and producing blocks shuffled by Heimdall nodes. You need to install and run both binaries in the correct order, as explained in the following steps.

1. Install Heimdall

Please make sure you checkout the latest release tag (opens in a new tab), depending on the network (Mainnet/Testnet). In this tutorial, we are using v0.2.9

cd ~/
git clone
cd heimdall
git checkout v0.2.9
make install
# Verify the correct version
heimdalld version --long

2. Install Bor

Please make sure you checkout the latest release tag (opens in a new tab). In this tutorial we are using v0.2.16

cd ~/
git clone
cd bor
git checkout v0.2.16
make bor-all
sudo ln -nfs ~/bor/build/bin/bor /usr/bin/bor
sudo ln -nfs ~/bor/build/bin/bootnode /usr/bin/bootnode
# Verify the correct version
bor version

Setup and configure node

1. Setup launch directory

Replace the <network-name> below with the network you are joining. Available networks: mainnet-v1 and testnet-v4.

cd ~/
git clone