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Set up your CELO Mainnet or Alfajores Testnet RPC node



  1. Setup Preferences
  2. Celo Networks
  3. Pull the Celo Docker image
  4. Set up a data directory
  5. Create an account and get its address
  6. Start the node
  7. Check Synced
  8. Configure vald
  9. Upgrade Celo

Setup Preferences

Update and upgrade the packages by running the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Install Required Packages:

sudo apt-get install

Celo Networks


Pull the Celo Docker image

We're going to use a Docker image containing the Celo node software in this tutorial.

If you are re-running these instructions, the Celo Docker image may have been updated, and it's important to get the latest version.

docker pull $CELO_IMAGE

Set up a data directory

First, create the directory that will store your node's configuration and its copy of the blockchain. This directory can be named anything you'd like, but here's a default you can use. The commands below create a directory and then navigate into it. The rest of the steps assume you are running the commands from inside this directory.

mkdir -r ~/celo-data-dir
cd ~/celo-data-dir
export CELO_DIR=~/celo-data-dir

Create an account and get its address

In this step, you'll create an account on the network. If you've already done this and have an account address, you can skip this and move on to configuring your node.

Run the command to create a new account:

docker run -v $CELO_DIR:/root/.celo --rm -it $CELO_IMAGE account new

Example Result:

INFO [10-28|11:23:37.486] Maximum peer count                       ETH=175 LES=0 total=175
Your new account is locked with a password. Please give a password. Do not forget this password.
Repeat password:
Your new key was generated
Public address of the key:   <YOUR-ACCOUNT-ADDRESS>
Path of the secret