Stake AXL tokens

Stake AXL tokens on the Axelar network.

Choose an amount {STAKE_AMOUNT} of AXL tokens you wish to stake. {STAKE_AMOUNT} is denominated in uaxl where 1 AXL = 1000000 uaxl.

  • You need at least 1 AXL to participate in consensus on the Axelar network
  • You need enough stake to get into the “active set” (75 validators as of August 2023): if the validators in the active set have more stake than you, then you cannot participate in consensus.
  • Optional: you need at least 2% of total bonded stake to participate in multi-party cryptography protocols with other validators.

Choose a moniker {MY_MONIKER} for your validator. There are many other parameters you may choose for your validator. For simplicity these instructions specify default values for all other parameters.

Make your validator account into an Axelar validator by staking AXL tokens:

$AXELARD_HOME/bin/axelard tx staking create-validator --amount {STAKE_AMOUNT}uaxl --moniker "{MY_MONIKER}" --commission-rate="0.10" --commission-max-rate="0.20" --commission-max-change-rate="0.01" --min-self-delegation="1" --pubkey="$(axelard tendermint show-validator)" --from validator

Optional: Learn your valoper address

Learn the {VALOPER_ADDR} address associated with your validator account

$AXELARD_HOME/bin/axelard keys show validator -a --bech val --home $AXELARD_HOME

Optional: check the stake amount delegated to your validator

$AXELARD_HOME/bin/axelard q staking validator {VALOPER_ADDR} | grep tokens

Optional: delegate additional stake to your validator

$AXELARD_HOME/bin/axelard tx staking delegate {VALOPER_ADDR} {STAKE_AMOUNT}uaxl --from validator
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