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Testnet-1 upgrade: v0.32

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Instructions for 2023-Feb-21 testnet upgrade to axelar-core v0.32.2, vald v0.32.2, and tofnd v0.10.1. Release can be found here (opens in a new tab).

Upgrade height 6315000 countdown (opens in a new tab)

  1. If you're a validator or have delegated to one, please vote for the upgrade proposal via
axelard tx gov vote 45 yes --from validator
  1. Wait for the proposed upgrade block, 6315000. Your node will panic at that block height with a log: {"level":"error","module":"consensus","err":"UPGRADE \"v0.32\" NEEDED at height: ",. Stop your node after chain halt.
pkill -f 'axelard start'
# Validators need to also stop vald/tofnd
pkill -f 'vald-start'
pkill -f tofnd
  1. Backup the state:
cp -r ~/.axelar_testnet/.core/data ~/.axelar-lisbon-3-upgrade-0.31/.core/data
  1. Restart your axelard node with the new v0.32.2 build.
  2. If you're a validator also restart vald with v0.32.2 and tofnd with v0.10.1.

Example using join scripts in axelarate-community git repo (opens in a new tab):

# in axelarate-community repo
git checkout main
git pull
KEYRING_PASSWORD="pw-1" ./scripts/ -n testnet -a v0.32.2
# For validators, restart vald/tofnd
KEYRING_PASSWORD="pw-1" TOFND_PASSWORD="pw-2" ./scripts/ -n testnet -a v0.32.2 -q v0.10.1