Static configs


All of the static constants that are relevant for the chain have been aggregated into a single file.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Chain info and its relevant configs
  • All supported assets on each chain

The configuration documents are versioned so you will know if the object changes.

You can access the configs in one of two ways:

Point the json files directly

Typescript API

Alternatively, you can use the hooks, i.e.

The package can be installed into your dApp as a project dependency with:

npm i @@axelarjs/api

Then run

import { createAxelarConfigClient } from "@axelarjs/api";
import { ENVIRONMENTS } from "@axelarjs/core";

const test = async () => {
  const api = createAxelarConfigClient(ENVIRONMENTS.testnet);
  const configs = await api.getAxelarConfigs(ENVIRONMENTS.testnet);
  Object.entries(configs.chains).forEach((v) =>
    console.log(`config for chain ${v[0]}: ${v[1]}`)

Each of the relevant properties in the schema are typed out in the following Typescript interfaces:

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