Community Pool Proposals

The Axelar network has a community pool of funds to support community projects that benefit developers and users. These funds are provided by decentralized governance. Create a governance proposal on-chain which can be voted upon. If there is a successful resolution of the proposal, the funds will automatically be provided.

Share your community pool spending proposal

We ask teams to create an application on our community forum before submitting any on-chain proposals to provide additional information and background about your proposal.

  1. Create an application on the Community Grants section of Axelar’s Governance Forum, which should include the following information.

  2. The Governance Forum will remain open to the community for a temperature check to ask questions, gauge sentiment and for the proposer to make any edits to the proposal for 7 days after posting. During this time, please engage with all community questions and feedback, and be prepared to amend the proposal where necessary.

  3. Once the feedback window has passed, you can submit the Proposal for an on-chain governance vote.

On-chain governance proposal

Once a Governance Forum proposal has been live for the required temperature check and the feedback window has closed, you can submit an on-chain proposal to be voted on. Governance proposals are submitted on-chain using axelard (the Axelar CLI).


  • You must have axelard
  • You must have an account with at least 2,000AXL balance or find a community member that can fund the 2,000AXL deposit on your behalf within 1 hour of posting a proposal.
  • You must choose an RPC endpoint or run an Axelar node

Create a local wallet

If you don’t already have a local wallet, you can create one. You can also send AXL from your local wallets.

# create an account named `wallet` and save the generated mnemonic
$ axelard keys add wallet 
# enter passphrase

# display key address 
$ axelard keys list

# fund the wallet with 2,000 AXL

# For example, if you have another local wallet, you could transfer the funds with the following command
# Alternatively, you can send funds via the Keplr wallet or get them from a CEX (Centralized Exchange) 
# and check the balance on Axelarscan. However, use the following command to send the funds back.
$ axelard tx bank send [account_with_fund_address] [wallet_address] 2000000000uaxl

Submit a proposal

Now that you have a account named wallet with 2,000AXL, you can submit a proposal on-chain. Access the Axelar’s RPC providers here

$ axelard tx gov submit-proposal community-pool-spend <file> --from wallet --chain-id axelar-dojo-1 --node <RPC Endpoint> --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.2

<file> → JSON file with following format

    "title": "<title>",
    "description": "This proposal withdraw funds from community pool for <purpose> as mentioned here:\n<link>",
	"amount": "<amount_in_uaxl>", # 20000000000uaxl = 20000AXL
	"recipient": "<fund_recipient_address>",
	"deposit": "2000000000uaxl"

Once the proposal reaches quorum and passes or fails (without NoWithVeto), the deposit will be refunded. To deposit AXL, follow the deposit process. Without quorum it will not be refunded.

General Proposal Information

Voting Period

3 days (72 hours) for all mainnet proposals.

The Axelar Network currently requires a 33.4% quorum of staked tokens (query with ./axelard q gov params). If a proposal does not reach quorum, it will fail and the deposit will not be refunded.

Proposal Types

  • CommunityPoolSpend → this is the correct type for all community proposals.
  • SoftwareUpgrade - node software updates
  • ParameterChange - Axelar network configuration changes

Total Deposit

2,000 AXL


Include a brief summary of the proposal with a link to the finalize proposal posted to the Community section on Axelar’s Governance Forum

  • Voting: proposals are voted on by all token holders. Validators can vote on behalf of the token holders if they abstain from participating, however the token holder’s vote overwrites their validator’s vote for their amount of stake.
  • Remittance: upon passing the vote, funds will be sent the Axelar wallet associated with the successful proposal, funded via Axelar’s on-chain community pool.

Example of a successful proposal:


Who can submit a proposal?

Anyone from Axelar’s community can submit a proposal for consideration. Proposals require a 2,000 AXL deposit.

What’s the purpose of a community proposal?

Community proposals are meant to decentralize the governance process on Axelar, create the opportunity for AXL holders, stakers and the larger Axelar ecosystem to propose incentives they would like to see funded.

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