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Genesis sync

Genesis sync

Start your Axelar node and download the blockchain from scratch.


Tip: Looking for instructions using the old script See here.


Tip: These instructions syncronize your Axelar node from scratch using the Axelar peer-to-peer network. You can syncronize your node more quickly by downloading a recent snapshot of the blockchain as per Quick sync.


Follow the upgrade path

Configure your system as per Node configuration except specify the correct version of axelard according to your network and position in the upgrade path:

First, you have to change directory to "axelarate-community" repository.

cd axelarate-community

To run you have to specify the network (mainnet, testnet) and the axelard core version you want to use. You must follow the upgrade path as specified in the table above (it is different for each network). will download axelard binary version you specified in "$AXELARD_HOME/bin" folder and create a symbolic link.

-rwxr-xr-x  1 kalid  staff  70832530 Jul  6 11:04 axelard-v0.13.6
lrwxr-xr-x  1 kalid  staff        48 Jul  6 11:04 axelard -> /Users/kalid/.axelar_testnet/bin/axelard-v0.13.6
./scripts/ -n mainnet -a v0.10.7

Start your node with the newly configured axelard version:

$AXELARD_HOME/bin/axelard start --home $AXELARD_HOME >> $AXELARD_HOME/logs/axelard.log 2>&1 &

Your Axelar node will resume downloading the blockchain.

After your blockchain has reached UPGRADE_HEIGHT you will see a panic in the logs like


View your logs in real time

tail -f $AXELARD_HOME/logs/axelard.log

Repeat this process for each entry in the upgrade path when the "panic" message appears in the logs.