Send UST to an EVM chain

Transfer UST tokens from Terra to an EVM chain using the terminal.


Send UST tokens from Terra to an EVM chain

Link your {EVM_DEST_ADDR} to a new temporary deposit address on Axelar:

axelard tx axelarnet link {EVM_CHAIN} {EVM_DEST_ADDR} uusd --from validator

Output should contain

successfully linked {AXELAR_TEMP_ADDR} and {EVM_DEST_ADDR}

Send UST tokens from Terra to your temporary Axelar address {AXELAR_TEMP_ADDR} via IBC.


Info: There are several ways to do IBC.

IBC from a web wallet

Use a web wallet such as Keplr. See Transfer Terra assets to EVM chains using Satellite | Axelar Network.

IBC from the terminal

You need shell access to a Terra node with at least {AMOUNT} balance of UST tokens in an account called terra-validator. Get {TERRA_TO_AXELAR_CHANNEL_ID} from Testnet Resources or Mainnet Resources.

terrad tx ibc-transfer transfer transfer {TERRA_TO_AXELAR_CHANNEL_ID} {AXELAR_TEMP_ADDR} --packet-timeout-timestamp 0 --packet-timeout-height "0-20000" {AMOUNT}uusd --gas-prices 0.15uusd --from terra-validator -y -b block

Wait a few minutes for the IBC relayer to relay your transaction to Axelar.


Note: Third-party monitoring tools will automatically complete the remaining steps of this process.

Wait a few minutes then check your MetaMask for the UST tokens. Don’t forget to import the UST token into MetaMask so you can see your balance as described in MetaMask for EVM chains.


Caution: If you attempt the remaining steps while third-party monitoring tools are active then your commands are likely to conflict with third-party commands. In this case you are likely to observe errors. Deeper investigation might be needed to resolve conflicts and complete the transfer.

The remaining steps are needed only if there are no active third-party monitoring tools and you wish to complete the process manually.

Verify the IBC transaction by checking the balances of {AXELAR_TEMP_ADDR} as per Basic node management. Output should contain something like:

- amount: "15000000"
  denom: {IBC_DENOM}

Note: You will not see UST, uusd or a similar token denomination for {IBC_DENOM}. IBC token denominations look something like ibc/6F4968A73F90CF7DE6394BF937D6DF7C7D162D74D839C13F53B41157D315E05F

Get {IBC_DENOM} from Testnet Resources or Mainnet Resources.

The remaining steps are similar to Transfer AXL tokens from Axelar to an EVM chain using the terminal.

Confirm the deposit transaction. Look for {TX_HASH} in the output of the previous command.

axelard tx axelarnet confirm-deposit {TX_HASH} {AMOUNT}"{IBC_DENOM}" {AXELAR_TEMP_ADDR} --from my_account

Create and sign pending transfers for {EVM_CHAIN}.

axelard tx evm create-pending-transfers {EVM_CHAIN} --from my_account
axelard tx evm sign-commands {EVM_CHAIN} --from my_account

Output should contain

successfully started signing batched commands with ID {BATCH_ID}

Get the execute_data:

axelard q evm batched-commands {EVM_CHAIN} {BATCH_ID}

Wait for status: BATCHED_COMMANDS_STATUS_SIGNED and copy the execute_data.

Use MetaMask to send a transaction on {EVM_CHAIN} with the execute_data to the Axelar gateway contract address {GATEWAY_ADDR}.


Danger: Post your transaction to the correct chain! Set your MetaMask network to {EVM_CHAIN}.


Caution: Manually increase the gas limit to 5 million gas (5000000). If you don’t do this then the transaction will fail due to insufficient gas and you will not receive your tokens.

Before you click “confirm”: select “EDIT”, change “Gas Limit” to 5000000, and “Save”


Tip: Learn the Axelar {GATEWAY_ADDR} for {EVM_CHAIN} in two ways:

1. Documentation

Testnet Resources, Mainnet Resources.

2. Terminal

axelard q evm gateway-address {EVM_CHAIN}

To send a transaction to {GATEWAY_ADDR} using MetaMask: paste hex from execute_data above into “Hex Data” field. (Do not send tokens!)

You should see {AMOUNT} of asset AXL in your {EVM_CHAIN} MetaMask account.

Congratulations! You have transferred AXL tokens from Axelar to an external EVM chain!

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