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Send AXL to an EVM chain

Send AXL to an EVM chain

Transfer AXL tokens from Axelar to an EVM chain using the terminal.


  • Skill level: intermediate
  • You have downloaded the Axelar blockchain and are comfortable with Basic node management.
  • Your Axelar node has an account named my_account that you control. Let {MY_ADDR} denote the address of your my_account account.
  • Select an EVM chain {EVM_CHAIN} from: Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, Moonbeam, Polygon.
  • Complete steps from Metamask for EVM chains to connect your Metamask to {EVM_CHAIN}.
  • You need both AXL tokens and {EVM_CHAIN} tokens to pay transaction fees.
  • {EVM_DEST_ADDR} is an address controlled by you on the external EVM chain {EVM_CHAIN}. (In your Metamask, for example.) This is where your AXL tokens will be sent.
  • {AMOUNT} is the amount of AXL tokens you wish to transfer, denominated in uaxl. Recall that 1 AXL = 1000000 uaxl. See Testnet resources or Mainnet resources for minimum transfer amounts.

Send AXL tokens from Axelar to an EVM chain

Optional: Verify that your my_account account has sufficient balance as per Basic node management.

Link your {EVM_DEST_ADDR} to a new temporary deposit address on Axelar:

axelard tx axelarnet link {EVM_CHAIN} {EVM_DEST_ADDR} uaxl --from my_account

Output should contain

successfully linked {AXELAR_TEMP_ADDR} and {EVM_DEST_ADDR}

Optional: query your new {AXELAR_TEMP_ADDR}:

axelard q nexus latest-deposit-address axelarnet {EVM_CHAIN} {EVM_DEST_ADDR}

Send {AMOUNT} of uaxl to the new {AXELAR_TEMP_ADDR}.

axelard tx bank send my_account {AXELAR_TEMP_ADDR} {AMOUNT}uaxl --from my_account

Note: Third-party monitoring tools will automatically complete the remaining steps of this process.

Wait a few minutes then check your Metamask for the AXL tokens. Don't forget to import the AXL token into Metamask so you can see your balance as described in Metamask for EVM chains.


Caution: If you attempt the remaining steps while third-party monitoring tools are active then your commands are likely to conflict with third-party commands. In this case you are likely to observe errors. Deeper investigation might be needed to resolve conflicts and complete the transfer.

The remaining steps are needed only if there are no active third-party monitoring tools and you wish to complete the process manually.

Confirm the deposit transaction. Look for {TX_HASH} in the output of the previous command.

axelard tx axelarnet confirm-deposit {TX_HASH} {AMOUNT}uaxl {AXELAR_TEMP_ADDR} --from my_account

Create and sign pending transfers for {EVM_CHAIN}.

axelard tx evm create-pending-transfers {EVM_CHAIN} --from my_account
axelard tx evm sign-commands {EVM_CHAIN} --from my_account

Output should contain