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Monitor & recover
Monitoring state of transactions

Monitoring state of GMP transactions

Axelar provides two options to check each GMP transaction status:

  1. The Axelarscan UI.
  2. The AxelarJS SDK.

1. Axelarscan UI

Anyone can view a General Message Passing transaction on the GMP page of the Axelarscan block explorer: Mainnet | Testnet.


To search for a particular transfer, enter a transaction hash or a sender address in the search bar. gmp-searchbar.png

Once you navigate to the detailed transfer page, you will see four main statuses with an additional status, as displayed in the image below. gmp-detailed-page .png

  • CONTRACT CALL provides the contract call (callContract or callContractWithToken) information, including the transaction hash, the block height on the source chain, the gateway address, etc.
  • GAS PAID displays the gas prepaid to Axelar Gas Receiver contract.
  • CALL APPROVED displays the information on the call approval. This section will be updated once the Axelar network approves the call.
  • EXECUTED informs the execution result whether the execution is successful or not. If it's unsuccessful, there will be an error message with the cause of the error, displayed in this section.
  • GAS REFUNDED provides the refund information (if any), including the amount of gas paid, the amount of gas used, the refund amount, etc. This information will appear only when there’s a refund.

2. AxelarJS SDK

See the SDK docs section, Query transaction status by txHash.