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Monitoring state of GMP transactions

Axelar provides two options to check each GMP transaction status:

  1. The Axelarscan UI.
  2. The AxelarJS SDK.

1. Axelarscan UI

Anyone can view General Message Passing calls in realtime on Axelarscan: Mainnet | Testnet.


You can also search for a particular transfer by a transaction hash or a sender address via the search bar. gmp-searchbar.png

Each GMP call comprises five statuses, as described below. gmp-detailed-page .png

  • CONTRACT CALL provides the contract call (callContract or callContractWithToken) information, including the transaction hash, the block height on the source chain, the gateway address, etc.
  • GAS PAID displays the information of gas prepaid to Axelar Gas Receiver contract.
  • CALL APPROVED displays the information of the call approval. This section will be updated once the GMP call is approved by the Axelar network.
  • EXECUTED informs the executed result whether it is successful or not. If you see an error message in this section, we suggest following this guide to find the root cause and recover the transfer.
  • GAS REFUNDED provides the refund information (if any), including the amount of gas paid, the amount of gas used, the refund amount, etc.

If the Insufficient Fee tag appears, it means that the prepaid gas is not enough to relay the transaction. Please follow the Increase gas payment to the gas receiver on the source chain section to recover the transfer. error-msg-insufficient-fee.png

2. AxelarJS SDK

See the SDK docs section, Query transaction status by txHash.

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