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Get started

Get started

Develop your cross-chain dapp in 2 simple steps

  1. Build. Develop your dapp, test against the Axelar local development environment.
  2. Deploy. Deploy your contracts, point your dapp to a live network: testnet or mainnet.


There are several complete, working examples with instructions at the axelar-local-gmp-examples repo that illustrate the build-deploy process.

View the github README for instructions and code:


Build your cross-chain dapp from basic components:

  • RPC endpoints to query or post transactions to the various EVM chains supported by Axelar.
  • Contract addresses on various EVM chains for
    • Axelar services such as the Gateway contract and ERC-20 token contracts.
    • Your own custom IAxelarExecutable smart contracts.

The Axelar local development environment emulates multiple EVM chains and the Axelar overlay network that connects them.

  1. Create new emulated EVM chains with RPC endpoints on your localhost. These chains come pre-loaded with the AxelarGateway, AxelarGasReceiver and a routed ERC-20 token contract (UST).
  2. Deploy your custom IAxelarExecutable contracts to your emulated EVM chains.
  3. Test your app against the RPC endoints and contract addresses of your local development environment.

Deploy to testnet or mainnet

When you're ready to go live:

  • Deploy your custom IAxelarExecutable contracts to the live EVM chains your dapp supports.
  • Swap out the RPC endpoints and contract addresses so they now point to live EVM chains.